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Nancy Smith Collections is an online catalog of my hand-drawn primitive rug hooking patterns. I felt it was important for the rug hooker to see the completed project so I included images of my finished work as well (my completed rugs are not for sale). In no way is my use of color meant to influence your work—but rather for you to see a balance of light and dark, of shapes and negative space.

I have been a rug hooker and an interior designer for over thirty years living in Nebraska. After I completed all other textile projects I had going, I focused exclusively on primitive rug hooking. Rug hooking is a very forgiving art form. If you don’t like what you have hooked, it is easy to pull the wool fabric strands and start over. The “canvas” for a rug hooker’s work can be monk’s cloth, burlap or linen specifically woven for primitive rug hooking. I prefer the linen and my patterns are offered exclusively on this backing for your work.

Two frequent themes in my work are fish and stars (sounds like a cracker mix, doesn't it?). My husband and son are both avid fly fishermen. To me the fish is the ultimate design motif—the fish has an organic (amorphic) outline shape, but the pattern on his body is very geometric—perfectly, beautifully designed. No greater fun in hooking than the combination of organic/geometric. I have taken 4 and 5 close-up photos of the backs of a single trout to attempt to capture the REAL colors. Realism is not my goal in hooking, but the fish is too glorious "as is" to not attempt to imitate. If you are looking for a fish pattern, see: "Les Poisons", "Valkommen", "Stars and Fish" and in the small patterns shown in two colorways, "Fish".

Stars are a wonderful "extra" motif. Do you need a dash of something in a corner, above a snowman? A star is usually a good answer. And stars make things look special. Don't forget to hook the star from inside so the corners turn out sharp.

One of my favorite patterns is the amorphic animal. He glowers, he smiles. He needs to be primitively misshapen---but enough of his shape showing so you know what sort of creature he is. Start with his eyes---they give him his character. Is he looking down, up, over? But the secret is that he needs a couple things about his body that are TRUE. Like the little knob on a crow's beak or an animal's posture. In the case of the fish, his spots.

I hope you enjoy my patterns and deigns as much as I loved making them. If you need more information about anything or have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.

Featured Rug Pattern from Nancy Smith Collections

“The human eye likes repetitiveness of patterns and colors. Repeat your colors here and there even if in a very small way.”

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