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The following are some helpful tips that could be of some use. A little advice can go a long way!

  1. To check your work in progress, view from the backside OR look at your work in a mirror OR view your work from a story above (like a balcony, catwalk)—these views will help many a decision in the rug-making process.
  2. When finishing your work, wrapping the edges with yarn around piping, tuck 2 extra strands of the wool yarn inside the binding tape on the bottom of your piece. The first thing that wears in a hooked rug is the wool yarn. Now you will always have a couple extra strands for later mending if necessary.
  3. The human eye likes repetitiveness of patterns and colors. Repeat your colors here and there even if in a very small way.
  4. When hooking an animal or person ALWAYS hook the eyes first. The eyes dictate the character of your animal/person. If you like hooking fish note that their pupils are shaped like watermelon seeds.
  5. Don’t forget every rug needs “poison”.
  6. Unless you are hooking with Pendleton wool, most every piece of wool has a wrong side and a right side. Check each and every strand as you hook. The right side will be smoother in weave, generally fluffier and the color(s) brighter.
  7. Unless you are hooking something really small, don’t forget to hook in your initials and the date. It is amazing how quickly we forget when we have hooked something.
  8. Surprise yourself. Remember all animals don’t have to be brown, black or beige. A blue pig might be just jolly. Likewise, leaves don’t have to be green.
  9. When hooking a curve, work from the INSIDE of that curve.
  10. Keep a scrapbook of hooking ideas from magazines, greeting cards, etc. These can be pictures or sayings that “speak to you”. If you are a prolific rug hooker by all means also keep a scrapbook of the pieces you have hooked.
  11. Save your biggest projects for winter when all that wool on your lap will be comfortable.
  12. The Small Pieces are great traveling projects. Hook the subject(s) at home—hook the background on your trip.
  13. Use your rugs in your home. Hang them with carpet tack strip or walk on them. What’s the purpose of them tucked under the bed or in storage?


Other sites worth a look.

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  6. The Red Salt Box, rug hooking designs by Wendy Miller.
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  9. Dave Mariab and the Star Rug Company.