Hello and welcome to my website. I am Nancy Smith, a practicing interior designer and a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). My life began in textiles long before I was born. My grandmother was an extraordinary knitter, seamstress, quilter — her mother, Helena (you’ll see a copy of a tea towel she embroidered as an infant as part of my pattern collection) a seamstress, quilter, tatter, crocheter. I was embroidering tea towels, etc. before the age of 5. My grandmother’s favorite fabric store in Nebraska was The Silk Shop in Omaha. We spent hours there and I was always allowed to make my own fabric selections.

My husband has long since become accustom to living with wool scraps seen near my seat on the sofa. He would probably wonder where he was if he didn’t see them. We have a son who lives in Green Bay and has 3 perfect little boys. His wife has flattered me and begun to hook rugs. I thank her for encouraging me to show the rugs both in outline form and in color. Our daughter and her husband live in Seattle and have 2 perfect daughters. If you can’t reach me at some particular time it is probably because I am visiting either family. They are great joys to us.